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Vendors Management | Apps - IOS | Andriod

Vendors Management
IOS | Andriod Integration
Mobile Site
Mobile Apps
Software Configuration
Access SETUP

Licence Key| Mobile Apps

100 Client Accounts
100 IOS | Andriod Integration
100 Mobile Site
100 Mobile Apps
100 Software Configuration
100 Installation
20 API Keys

QR BarCode Scanner - Membership

Unlimited QR Codes Static
Premium Barcodes
Advanced Analytics
Unlimited Scans
2000 Members
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Barcodes

Games Server - Web Licence

Unlimited Games Codes Static
Games codes
Advanced Analytics
Unlimited Scans
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Emails
Per Domain Licence

Ecommerce Security SSL Layer

This security product is ideal for light ecommerce sites interested in boosting their trust quickly and affordably. This certificate will not only encrypt information sent from browsers to your server, but will also increase the trust visitors have in your website.
Desktop Domains Url
Mobile Apps - IOS | Andriod
Subdomains - Url
Payment Gateway - Url

IBM Video Software

| Only for IBM Contracts Team |
120 Languages Translator
Speechelo Language Maker
GTranslate API Video
Video API Monetization
Toons Video IBM Watermarks
IBM Noise Reduction
IBM Whiteboard Animations
IBM Logo Animations
IBM Intro & Layers Effects
IBM Trademark & Video Copyrights
IBM Themes & IBM Work Channels
Only For IBM Channels & Team Work

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